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Not only is Gabby Reece a health and fitness expert, but she’s also an entrepreneur, author, wife and busy mom of three. Having to juggle all of her different roles, Gabby quickly learned the importance of Balance. She was named one of the 20 Most Influential Women in Sports by Women’s Sports & Fitness and has become a world-renowned role model regarding fitness, nutrition and well being. Check out all of Gabby’s videostips and recipes to bring more Balance into your life.

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Intro to Balance

You’re probably wondering what the Balance Project is. Why is finding Balance in our lives so important? Well, Balance Bar AmBARsador and Professional Volleyball Player, Gabby Reece, has the answer to those questions. Watch this video to learn more.

*Gabby Reece is a paid spokesperson of Balance Bar.

Simple Exercises

Sometimes it can be hard to juggle all that we have going on in our lives. Between balancing work and family, it can be hard to add in a daily dose of exercise. But Balance Bar AmBARsador and Professional Volleyball Player, Gabby Reece, shows us that just by doing these five simple exercises, we can create more Balance in our lives. And the best part is, they can be done anytime, anywhere. Check them out.

*Gabby Reece is a paid spokesperson of Balance Bar.

Gabby Q&A

Ever wonder how a busy health and fitness expert like Gabby Reece finds Balance? Check out this video to learn how Gabby maintains a happy life filled with Balance, how she likes to spend her “me” time and how she views men and women differently when it comes to finding Balance.

*Gabby Reece is a paid spokesperson of Balance Bar.

Gabby Reece - Me Time

Does your busy schedule get in the way of your “me time”? Gabby Reece shares tips for finding time for yourself no matter how busy you are. 

*Gabby Reece is a paid spokesperson of Balance Bar.

Gabby Reece Nutrition Video

Gabby Reece shares her go-to meals for nutritious eating throughout the day including smart snacking with Balance Bar.  

*Gabby Reece is a paid spokesperson of Balance Bar.

Tips from Gabby


Schedule your days to fit your training in.

On Sunday evening, take a look at your week and pick your windows to get your exercise in. Treat it like every other appointment you have and don't cancel.



Plan out your food.

During the week, try and strategize what you are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will help you avoid spontaneous junk food splurges due to a busy weekday schedule and will leave you a little wiggle room during the weekend. If you know you get hungry between meals, bring a snack like a Balance bare® bar, fruit or nuts from home.



Create boundaries regarding your technology.

Unless a big deal is in the midst of closing or the boss really needs you, when you leave work, leave work. Don't allow all the lines to bleed into one another. If you are pushing your child on the swing, put your phone in your pocket and leave the texting or emails for later. If someone writes you a note, don't feel the pressure to respond within 5 seconds. Make the boundaries for yourself and let others know what they are.


Me Time

Schedule one thing you look forward to each day.

Whether it be coffee with a friend or indulging in a harmless guilty pleasure, choose something that breaks up your day and is just about you being you. Not the professional, or partner or parent – just you. This will not only create a fun gap in your day but also help you become more connected to yourself.


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Gabby Reece’s Favorite Nutritious Spring Recipes

Warmer Spring weather calls for recipes with fresh, bright vegetables and seasonal fruits. Check out some of Gabby Reece’s favorites that will keep you feeling in Balance throughout the springtime season.

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